Thinking of a special gift for the garden-loving person in your life? Quercus is putting together a special offer on our patented Quercus oak woven planters…more info here

Thank you Paul R for sending in this delightful photo of colourful plant pots mounted on your Quercus Fencing, bringing seasonal cheer to the garden.

Quercus UK LTD is an associated member of the Made in Britain Campaign   The Made in Britain Campaign supports & promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify British-made products. To find out more…

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What is green infrastructure? Green infrastructure is a network of multifunctional green space, urban and rural, which is capable of delivering a wide range of environmental and quality of life benefits for local communities. Green infrastructure is not simply an…

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During the late summer months our wild hedgehogs are busy foraging for extra food to start putting on reserves for winter and also many hedgehogs at this time have a second litter of hoglets that need feeding up for winter…

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