Quercus the Oak

We make our fences from woven oak timber because oak is a very durable wood with high tannin content so doesn’t require treating with paints or varnish. Tannin’s are a natural insecticide and fungicide produced by the tree.

The oak tree is from the genus Quercus and there are 600 species of Oak.

The Oak we use in our products is Quercus Robur, the common  Oak. Renowned for its straight grain. Quercus was the Roman word for Oak and robur means hard and strong, as in robust. Unrivaled king of the forest in Britain, The Oak is synonymous with strength, size and longevity.

English oak is probably the most well-known and best-loved of the tree species native to Britain. This fantastic tree can live for more than a millennium according to some sources, and grow up to 40 m high. Since the Druids, and probably long before, the oak has played an important role in British culture.

Oak trees provide a habitat for more animals than any other of our native trees, creating homes for bats, birds, caterpillars and beetles. Badgers, squirrel’s and deer take advantage of the fallen acorn for food in autumn.

Rare white Quercus (Oak) seedling found at Quercus UK Ltd

Rare white Quercus (Oak) seedling found at Quercus UK Ltd

Quercus Fencing